Specialists in preventing plagiocephaly
sudden infant death syndrome

Who is Ecuscare

Specialist in preventing plagiocephaly and SIDS, Ecus Care is a division of the Ecus group that is dedicated to the research and development of products to meet the essential needs of newborns.

Rest and Health

During the first few months of life, babies can need up to 18 hours of sleep, so it’s clear that a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep is of utmost importance for their correct development.

During the first two years there are two main problems that affect the babies and that are a worry for parents, plagiocephaly and sudden infant death syndromeEcus Care responds with solutions specifically aimed at preventing these problems, as well as providing accessories directed at alleviating other complications that appear in this stage of life such as gastric reflux disease and respiratory conditions.

At Ecus Care we are also concerned with product quality and making the products easier for daily use, thereby making our lives easier.

Ecus Care is sold exclusively in pharmacies, and its products have been developed in collaboration with paediatricians and midwives. The products have been certified in reputable external laboratories, and manufactured under the strictest security and quality regulations, receiving the most stringent certifications which ensure the complete absence of toxic or potentially harmful substances for babies.